BOTOX (botulinum toxin)

Anti-Wrinkle Injections in Essex & London From £150

Botulinum Toxin  is carefully injected into the superficial layers of the skin which target specific muscles which temporarily restricts their movement. This allows the overlying skin to repair the ageing process and signs of wrinkles, resulting in a smooth – young wrinkle free appearance


While the muscle is temporarily immobilised, the forehead is ‘at rest’ and the frown line is not being created or reinforced. 

Most patients notice that their existing frown lines do soften out because the forehead is completely relaxed. 

After the treatment, although all the many other facial muscles can be used normally, the forehead remains still and calm and thus the face appears more serene. Patients have even commented that they feel this calmness within themselves.

Facial lines can sometimes be markedly lopsided due to overactive muscles on one side of the face. This treatment can be used to selectively weaken such muscles thereby balancing the resting tone for both sides of the face.

Common Areas

Forehead lines 

Frown lines 

Crow's feet 

Neck lines 

Bunny lines (top of the nose)

Other Areas



Chin (to prevent puckering / dimpling


Advanced Practitioner

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